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QECS design services/ support very much around your individual needs/ requirements. Significant experiences and recent organizational success have been concentrated around:

Gap Analysis / System Implementation
Document Development / Simplification / Integration
Outsourced Consultancy/ Support / Project Management
Auditing Programmes / CA Support
Continual Improvement / Benchmarking
Survey Works / Inspections / Investigations

Gap Analysis / System Implementation

Assessing exactly where your organization is against specific System Standard requirements, or Industry Guidelines/ Policies, is made easy with QECS ‘Gap Analysis’ approach.  QECS can quickly understand your business, and review current practices/ procedures (whether documented or not), and identify where improvements may be made in aligning to such requirements.  Development of subsequent organization-specific Action Plans, described in plain English, may allow your team to proceed with System Implementation.

Documentation Development / Simplification / Integration

All Management System Standards, identify the need for developing certain mandatory documentation, which can often be a daunting task.  If not tackled properly, this often results in bureaucratic, cumbersome, and often ‘unused’ documented systems.  By concentrating on ‘simple’ operational controls, QECS are able to help develop specific future-proof documented standards, of value to your organisation, and more importantly, of value to intended users.

With the emergence of more industry-driven certifiable Standards, and in line with ISO developments (Annex SL), requirements are written with integration in mind.  Instead of continually adding on, often duplicating controls, QECS are able to advise on further documentation simplification, rationalisation, and integration, satisfying all subscribed requirements.

Outsourced Consultancy/ Support/ Project Management

With increased global competitiveness, and pressures on existing organizational structures, it is often more cost-effective to outsource elements of organisations’ Quality, Health & Safety, or other Management support functions.  Either as short term, interim support, or embedding QECS consultant(s) within your existing teams, can add considerable (CQI, IOSH and AIEMA registered) knowledge/ expertise.  From one-off problem solving, internal auditing, through full implementation of integrated Management Systems, professional co-ordination/ support may be elicited via QECS.

Auditing Programmes / CA Support

Whether you would require support in managing your organisations’ full Internal Audit programme, to maintain impartiality, and a professional eye; or whether to merely supplement existing team/ programmes, QECS can slot in competent and experienced (IRCA registered) resource needs.  If you have experienced particular areas of weakness from either Internal, External, or Customer-based audits, then we can assist, by adding value to operations.  Currently QECS form the basis of several large organisations’ Internal Audit functions, and have assisted numerous others in driving improvements across their supply chains.

Continual Improvement / Benchmarking

Rather than merely ‘ticking a box’, the underlying principle in QECS service offering is to add value and help companies improve operational processes, whilst assuring Quality, H&S, Environmental control throughout.

With extensive experience in problem solving and Continual Improvement tools/ techniques, QECS can help provide realistic improvements suggestions, linked to industry best practice/ standard requirements.  Helping to identify and rationalise improvement areas, QECS can help from scope through delivery, keeping an eye on deliverables within the context of the organisation.

Training / Awareness

In support of any change/ initiative, Information, Training, and Instruction is key in it’s success and on-going effectiveness.  Through various stages, QECS can offer support in development of appropriate materials/ strategy in providing such ‘competence’ across the organisation.  In addition, QECS work in partnership with other training providers, where more specific and cost-effective training needs may be facilitated.


Your specific needs Assessed, planned and delivered via both Instructor Lead and IT-based (cost-effective) solutions – please get in touch to find out more, or to arrange a Training needs assessment/ audit?

Ensuring your Legislative training needs are addressed, current training offerings now available via QECS, include:

  • Basic Health & Safety awareness/ Behavioural Safety Campaigns
  • Risk Assessment Training/ Dynamic RA Approach
  • Manual Handling
  • COSHH Awareness/ Working safely with Chemicals
  • Noise Awareness
  • Fire Awareness/ Prevention
  • Working at Height/ Harness Awareness
  • Food Safety Training

Survey Works / Inspections / Investigation

Becoming part of your organisations’ trained, competent and experienced resource, assistance may be offered over various other areas, linked to Quality, H&S, Food Safety, Environmental initiatives.

Over recent years, such expertise has been extended to incl.

  • Planned Inspection processes (incl. ‘5S’)
  • Stock Loss Investigations
  • PPC Permit Applications,
  • Feasibility studies Application funding support;
  • SEPA ‘Mass Balance reporting’,
  • Statutory Noise Surveys,
  • Accident Investigations, etc.